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Korean Honey Red Ginseng 30g x 10 bags

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Korean Honey Red Ginseng 30g x 10 bags 







A single red ginseng root is completed

when 5 years or older precious is carefully selected and repeatedly steamed and dried.

The red ginseng root created through such process are then mixed with premium honey

and steamed and dried several more times,

Whole-bodied Korean Red Ginseng

with its beautiful body top-to-bottom

is a precious gift for someone special.




[Introduction of the Business]


Insamjangin, a company specializing in red ginseng,

present premium red ginseng products

with benefits of Korean ginseng known for over 2,000 years

by working with Korea’s best masters in ginseng & red ginseng manufacture.

We refrain from using unnecessary additives

and try to produce honest products with only beneficial substances of red ginseng

at reasonable price.


[Product Competitiveness]


1. Uses high-quality Korean ginseng grown in Keumsan-gun, the home of herbs

• GAP cetification, Keunhong certification (Keumsan Red Ginseng Certification), covered under Samsung Fire Insurance’s Product Liability Policy

2. Responsible production by New Knowledge Master in Ginseng Production Field (New Knowledge Farmer: Kang, Won-Gu)

3. Manufactured at the best clean facility in Keumsan-gun

• GMP-assigned, ISO-certified, HACCP-assigned

• Certification of clean business sight

4. Differentiated and elegant product design 


[Product Market Trends]


1. As of 2014, the domestic health food market accounts for 1.3 trillion KWN, over40% of which is taken by red ginseng

2. The international sales of Junggwanjang Products by KT&G Ginseng Corporation is steadily increasing thanks to the reliability and trust it has established. On the other hand, despite the increasing international demand, red ginseng products produced by small & medium businesses experience difficulties expanding to international market since related export regulations are strict and they have trouble accessing foreign online markets or responding to overseas customers. 





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